Each year, the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta participate in a Spring Carnival tradition called Booth. Booth is a huge competition in which various organizations - Greek and Independent - build one or two-story plywood structures that are geared towards teaching children about a chosen topic that falls within the Carnival's theme. The booths are full-blown structures that meet International Building Code, including electricity, fire-proofing, intricate crafts and beautiful paintings - all put together by 90 women!


As an organization, Theta has embraced this tradition, turning the process of creating an incredible structure into an unforgettable several weeks of sisterhood. Booth is one of the highlights of being a Theta for many of our sisters, with some getting hands on experience in their field of study. For others, they enjoy the late night food, talks and crafting, getting the chance to grow closer to the girls in the house. Being a Theta means getting to take part in such a rewarding tradition.


For more information about Booth, check out the Spring Carnival Committee website:


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