We at Kappa Alpha Theta cannot wait to meet all the

women going through Formal Membership Recruitment

this fall! Recruitment is an unforgettable experience;

you will explore many houses, meet hundreds of women,

form enduring friendships, eat great food, and much more.

Many sorority members at CMU can attest their amazing

college experience to being a part of the Greek community.


Even if you are not sure that going Greek is for you, recruitment

can be a fantastic way to become acquainted with CMU by

making new friends to start off the semester. We encourage

everyone to participate in Formal Membership Recruitment

because we hope that more young women will be able to find

the same happiness that we have found in Theta. For more

information about Formal Membership Recruitment and how

to register, please visit CMU’s Panhellenic website. It is our sincere

hope that each participant in Formal Membership Recruitment

finds a house to call her home. If you have any questions, see our

FAQ section, and always feel free to email Sarah or Natalie. 



Sarah Hamilton                                         Natalie Tucker

Sarah Hamilton                                           Natalie Tucker                             

Chief Recruitment Officer                       Recruitment Director           


Statement on Hazing


Kappa Alpha Theta seeks to promote a high standard of excellence in all aspects of Fraternity life and prides itself on acting as a leader within the Greek community. Risk management policies are in place to protect our Fraternity's rich history, but more importantly, the well-being of our members. The goals of Kappa Alpha Theta membership include, but are not limited to, the preparation of a woman to accept the responsibilities of Fraternity membership and the encouragement of a woman's personal development to meet the demands of a mature life. In accordance with these goals, Kappa Alpha Theta does not tolerate any acts that may be construed as hazing.

For more information on Kappa Alpha Theta's stance on hazing, visit the Kappa Alpha Theta website.

Kappa Alpha Theta Risk Prevention Policy and Procedures


Kappa Alpha Theta is committed to educating our college chapters on how to minimize risk and manage risky behavior. One of the Fraternity's three aims is socially, the widest influence for good. By adhering to the Fraternity's risk management policies, members ensure they are representing the Fraternity's high ideals. As a member of FIPG, all Theta chapters must comply with the policies and procedures noted by FIPG. Some specific policies to note are:

  • No chapter funds can be used to purchase alcohol.

  • No alcoholic beverages can be stored, served or consumed on Theta property, either owned or rented, or otherwise designated for regular use by members of the Fraternity.

  • All recruitment activities associated with a chapter must be non-alcoholic.

  • No Theta chapters can sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor or bar.

  • A chapter cannot sponsor or co-sponsor an event that involves the sale, distribution or availability of alcoholic beverages.

  • A chapter may not hold a social event across an international border.

Academic Achievement Policy

Kappa Alpha Theta expects each member to achieve high scholarship and to develop to the fullest her intellectual, cultural, and social potential. Each chapter is required to set a definite scholarship average which members must maintain in order to be a member in good standing.

In addition, each chapter is expected to maintain accumulative grade point average above the All-Sorority Average (ASA) on its campus, and chapter bylaws shall establish specific grade requirements for chapter officers.

Advisory Board

Each college chapter of the Fraternity shall have an advisory board that is responsible for the supervision of the college chapter and its well-being. The advisory board is organized to mirror the college chapter officer structure and to provide support to each collegiate office-holder. Chapter advisors are trained by Fraternity officers and staff, as it is Kappa Alpha Theta’s priority to ensure that the advisory board is current in all Fraternity policies and procedures.


There's no better way to learn about a potential new Theta than from other Thetas!


To recommend a potential new member, you must be an alumna of the Fraternity, an active or inactive member of another chapter, an affiliated member writing to your original chapter, or an unaffiliated member submitting a reference to a chapter other than your original chapter or the chapter present on your campus.

If you would like to write a letter of reference for a potential new member or to learn more about the process, check out Theta's online reference system. You must have a valid login for the Kappa Alpha Theta site to recommend a new member online. If you would prefer to mail your letter of recommendation, you may download the form on Theta's reference website and mail it to:

Kappa Alpha Theta

ATTN: Chief Recruitment Officer

1077 Morewood Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Kappa Alpha Theta defines a Theta legacy as a daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, or sister of a Kappa Alpha Theta. Stepsisters, stepdaughters, stepgrandaughters and stepgreat-granddaugthers will be given consideration as a legacy if the family considers it so and if a Theta Legacy Introduction form is filled out. There are no indirect legacies (ex: cousins, nieces, etc.)


A Legacy Introduction is a device where a Theta mother, sister, grandmother or great-grandmother of a potential new member advises a chapter that her legacy will be going through primary recruitment. This is done so that the chapter is aware that the potential new member is a legacy, as in some cases, the relative may be the only one aware that she is going through recruitment. This gives the chapter the opportunity to seek out additional references for the legacy.


If you would like to introduce a legacy, make sure to fill out the Legacy Introduction form found on the Theta Reference Website. If you would like to mail in a Legacy Introduction form, please send it to the address above. 



Why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will make new friends in your recruitment group, get a taste for the personalities of each house, and most of all, potentially find sisters for a lifetime.



Recruitment is a structured series of small parties held at each house. On the first night, every girl going through recruitment has a chance to mingle with members of all six houses. On subsequent nights, a mutual selection process determines what houses each girl will continue to visit.


Be yourself! The more comfortable you feel in each house, the more you will be able to focus on making personal connections and understanding each house’s personality.



Be well rested. Be open minded. And again, be yourself!

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