Sisterhood is the bonds Thetas make with the other girls within our sorority. It is the memories, laughs, and late night talks that make joining Theta and being in college some of the best years of a Theta's life. From always having someone to lean on to a safe place to just be yourself, Theta provides a home to all of its members. This is sure to be seen by our sisters around campus - getting food, studying, exercising and hanging out together. It's what makes Theta, well, Theta! 



Sisterhood Events


Theta holds two sisterhood events per month, organized by our HR director. These events are planned to give a quick break from studying and to have fun with sisters. Events in the past have included:


  • Thetatines - Valentine's Day themed sisterhood event, with food, chocolate and of course the movie "Valentine's Day"!

  • Spa Day - Relaxing food, mini-massages and pampering to de-stress before Finals

  • Cupcake Wars - Family-lines are assigned a theme and make cupcakes based off of that theme. A night full of cupcake tasting and sugar-overload to follow!

  • Theta Thanksgiving - A potluck dinner at the house, filled with traditional Thanksgiving food - homemade turkey included!